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WAVE is the first digital asset management platform based on blockchain technology.

Wave Platform
A complete solution to get an overview of your assets. You can create a wallet and use many functions. Sign up and get the latest updates and news on your trusted asset management platform.
Flexibility is a necessity in our day and age. Different use cases are created for the coin thanks to the wave ecosystem. The platform is easy to use as it has a clean design and clearly structured interface.
We have integrated a voting system into our platform. Every Wave owner has voting rights and can vote on the future of the project. The community is asked before each decision.
Transfer Funds between users within the blink of an eye. In our new digital economy, waiting for a transfer for 2 days belong to the past transfer WAVE from user to user with in seconds or pay conveniently at a Wave merchant of your choice.


The WAVE ecosystem is growing with flourishing partners and projects. By creating a variety of use cases over the Ethereum blockchain, we enable WAVE to become the next decentralized asset management platform.

Wave Wallet

In the platform you can create your Wave Wallet and manage payments. Users have the possibility to deploy their Wave to receive Rewards. High level of security and privacy for your assets is our priority. Our vision is to create an all-in-one decentralized wallet for crypto asset management that can be used and stored in any cryptocurrency.

Asset growth
Secure & Private
Friendly user interface
Buy & Sell
Multi storage
Community driven
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