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WAVE is the first digital asset management platform based on blockchain technology.

Beside the protection of your data, our rst priority is to ensure the maximum security for your assets through blockchain driven, tested technologies. Store your WAVE as well as your BTC conveniently and with the highest forms of security on the WAVE Wallet.
Flexibility is a necessity in our modern times. Thanks to the Wave ecosystem, a number of different use cases are created for the coin. By using and applying it, a long-term and stable value for Wave can be created.
Transfer Funds between users within the blink of an eye. In our new digital economy, waiting for a transfer for 2 days belong to the past transfer WAVE from user to user with in seconds or pay conveniently at a WAVE merchant of your choice.

WAVE Ecosystem

With thriving partners and projects, the WAVE Ecosystem is growing rapidly on a global scale. By building a wide variety of use cases through the WAVE platform, we enable WAVE to become the next-gen of digital payments.

WAVE Exchange

Manage your digital assets, the way you want. Our simply way to exchange your BTC to WAVE and vice versa with just a few clicks. Trading has never been easier.

Mainnet Swap


A new era for WAVE awaits.

Get prepared for the MAINNET launch of wave. WAVE's own blockchain will be released soon!

This means that with the launch all current WAVE tokens will be converted 1:1 into WAVE coins. With the release of WAVE's own blockchain a new age for the WAVE community will begin and exciting further developments of the Wave platform will be built upon!

Have You Already Seen Our Roadmap ?



Experience a new online shopping environment with WAVE's new shopping portal WAVE MARKETPLACE, which will allow you to buy products with crypto currencies or even offer products for sale yourself. Also get benefits such as discounts or special offers when shopping directly with WAVE.

Market Performance

Market Cap
3,207,929.83 $
Circulating Supply
61,103,425.24 Wave
0.05 $
24h Volume
0.08103971 BTC
Total Transactions