Just click on the SIGN IN account on our website or on the referral link of the person that invited you to WAVE.
In your dashboard under the function “Change Password”.
Just click on the “Forgot your password button?” in the login field.
Staking is a secure process that enables holders to use their capital to generate stable, passive income, without any further requirements on their part.
Staking rewards are paid daily.
You have the option to cancel your stake at any time without a loss of accrued interest. Once the reward has been sent to your address, it belongs to you. There is no way to cancel a transaction that has been already sent.
The minimum amount is 1000 WAVE.
There is a 25$ one-time setup fee, when activating the staking the first time.
There is no fee being charged in general, only if you cancel the staking or transfer an amount out of the staking within 30 days after the activation, a fee of 10% will be charged.
The WAVE Node Pool gives users the opportunity, to gather in a pool of maximum 8 people with a minimum of 150.000 WAVE altogether to create a pool and through that, increase their daily rewards.
Minimum 90 days.
There is a 50$ one-time setup fee, when entering the WAVE Pool the first time. The setup fee will be charged to the host, who is setting up the node pool.
There is no fixed or guaranteed percentage payout, as the rewards depend on the total amount of coins in staking, as well as the difficulty.
Yes you can, you only need to fulfill the KYC process first. After you can transfer WAVE from user to user by just entering their unique WAVE ID number.
If you like to use all features in your backoffice, then yes. To fund your account, no KYC is needed. Though, for withdrawals, trading and transfers from account to account, the KYC is essential.
Due to regulatory purposes, every user starts as a customer and under “Profile” has the option to upgrade his account to an affiliate by purchasing the marketing license for 49$. By that, you start your own business with WAVE and become an IBO (Independent Business Owner) and unlock new features in your backoffice like marketing materials, advanced user view, detailed statistics of your earnings.
As long as your client has his staking active and you’re staking by yourself a minimum of 1000 WAVE.
No, only one account per person is allowed. We run IP checks on a frequent basis and shall we notice any stacked accounts, they will be banned.