Mission Mainnet failed

An important milestone for WAVE has been the development of the Mainnet. Last year we were convinced we could create our own mainnet with the right partner on our side. Our plan was to create the mainnet first and then align the entire ecosystem to it. We worked hard for a year on nothing else but the mainnet. The time was far from easy, once the foundations were built and the consensus work started our development partners were faced with one of the most important tasks for the blockchain.

From the beginning, this caused the most problems and had to be reworked several times, which was the main reason for the huge delays. After another two months of working only on the consensus, it still did not give us the confidence that one should normally have in a blockchain. Our partners, with who we had cooperated for the blockchain work, quit the work after one year because they did not want to take the responsibility for the consensus. As a result of that, we lost almost a whole year. We could have finished a great ecosystem, during that time.

  • Wave Wallet Desktop (Mac + Windows)
  • Wave Scan
  • New Platform with Mainnet functions
  • Blockchain 80%

Consensus plays an essential role in the use of blockchain.
Consensus mechanisms are an essential component in blockchains when it comes to stably and securely operating a decentralized, unified database, as the case is with a blockchain. In the absence of a central authority, nodes have to ensure that the data in the blockchain is validated without such an authority. This task is performed by the consensus mechanism across different nodes, i.e. participants in the network. The consensus mechanism ensures that all transactions are valid and synchronized to all nodes in the network.

You can test all functions of the Testnet on: beta.waveplatform.io

The previous blockchain coding is handed over to us and will be uploaded to Github.
This will be accessible to anyone from our community. Anybody who is familiar with the necessary programming languages can continue this coding.
There are some examples where certain codings have been adopted by the community.
Other than that we will look for another partner to finish the mainnet.
Unfortunately there are only a few programmers in this field and the good ones are fully booked.
We don't want to work with any new partner anymore, should we not be absolutely sure that they can deliver the desired end result.